English First

Company Profile

EF Education is the world's largest private education company that specializes in language training, educational tours and cultural exchange.

How we began: EF Education was founded in 1965 by a young Swedish entrepreneur named Bertil Hult. Our first office was modest and our concept was straightforward: take Swedish high school students to England to learn English. It was a simple enough business idea on-site language and cultural studies but one with an enormous future.

Who we are: Four decades later, EF Education is the world's largest private education company, with a group of ten subsidiaries and non-profit organizations centered around language learning, educational travel and degree programs. Today, EF has over 26,000 employees, teachers and volunteers. With offices and schools in 51 countries, EF has turned the world into a global classroom.

Where we are going: EF's mission is more timely than ever. Never before has it been so important to understand diverse ways of life and other modes of expression. EF remains committed to breaking down barriers of language, culture and geography by providing the highest quality educational experiences-whether that's in another country, around the corner, on or the internet.